Animal Licenses


The City of Pasco has partnered with PetData to provide dog licensing services to Pasco. 

Renewals*: TAKE NO ACTION NOW. There’s nothing you need to do. In early 2018 PetData will notify you with instructions to renew your dog license(s). 

*PLEASE NOTE: if you have a City of Pasco Code Enforcement Violation regarding pet licensing please see a City of Pasco Customer Service Representative. We will continue to license those that have code violations. 

New Dogs: During the transition to PetData new dogs will not be licensed. Please wait for the initiation of our new licensing program in January to register your new pet. Please see a Customer Service Representative with questions on this change. 

Pit Bull Terriers or Any Mixed Breed Containing Elements of This Breeding: For licensing and renewal requirements concerning Pit Bull Terriers or any mixed breed of dog which contains an element of its breeding, please contact the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter and Control Services located at 1312 S. 18th Avenue, Pasco, (509) 545-3740. PetData and the City will not license this breed of dog.

Protecting Your Pet: Licensing & Vaccinations

Animal licensing is required in the City of Pasco for all dogs. Licensing cats is optional. Licensing is for the well being of the pets to help ensure that if 1 becomes lost it can be returned home. Without a license, a lost pet may be impounded and potentially adopted or euthanized. Pet license fees help subsidize animal control efforts.

We want to help the Pasco community be responsible pet owners; it is required by city ordinance that all pets have current rabies vaccines with a tag identification number and the expiration date.