Division Responsibilities

Captain Ken Roske
Administration/Public Information
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The Administration Division is one of three divisions of the Pasco Police Department and is comprised of:

Developing Community Partnerships

Our officers strive to provide unparalleled police service. They accomplish this by following a community-oriented policing philosophy that is based on partnerships with our community to provide a safer and better quality of life while reducing the fear of crime. Officers work closely with the community to build on those partnerships and maintain the highest level of trust.

All officers are assigned a shift and area of the city on a yearly basis, which allows for the opportunity to work with the citizens in their area to address particular concerns.

Response To Calls

Response to calls for police services are based on a priority call system. Emergency or crime in progress calls are handled immediately, placing those calls for crimes not in progress calls lower on the priority system. This allows us to provide the best public safety services and follow up on problems in an efficient and timely manner.